Cozumel’s International Airport receives scheduled and charter flights from the US, Canada, Europe, as well as domestic flights from within Mexico.

Visitors to Cozumel may also choose to fly into Cancun. It’s very easy to get from Cancun Airport to Cozumel so, if you can’t find a reasonable and convenient flight to Cozumel, try Cancun. From Cancun you’ll make your way to Playa del Carmen and take a ferry to the island or you can take a small plane from the Cancun airport to Cozumel, the name of the company is Mayair.

Getting from Cancun to Cozumel

Step 1: bus, van, or taxi to Playa del Carmen

Riviera Bus, a modern, comfortable air conditioned coach, runs non-stop service from the Cancun Airport to the Playa del Carmen bus station with departures 45 minutes past the hour. The current fare is 65 pesos per person. The trip takes about an hour.

The bus station is about a 10 minute walk to the ferry pier. Private transfers can be arranged.

Prices vary depending on how many passengers you have and the type of vehicle you choose. Your driver will meet you when you exit the airport terminal and you are on your way.

DITA is a reliable company with good prices. Another reliable choice is Cancun Valet.

A shared van (colectivo) to Playa del Carmen is about $20 per person, and a taxi is about $65 for two people.

Step 2: ferry to Cozumel

There are three ferry companies that run between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. The current price is 162 pesos per person, one way. The trip takes 30-40 minutes, depending on which ferry is making the trip. We don´t recommend you buy a round trip ticket.

Travelnotes provides good, detailed information on making the trip from Cancun Airport to Cozumel.