Guidlines for COVID and Diving


                 THE NEW NORMAL AND COVID-19

We at Living Underwater have always prided ourselves on providing our guest’s with exceptional service. During this challenging time of COVID-19, that still remains our goal.

Foremost, to us is your safety and the safety of our crew as we leave quarantine and begin to reopen our doors. With that in mind, there are some new steps we all will need to take to provide a safe and healthy environment for everyone and to ensure you with an exceptional experience.

We ask that you help us by following these rules as we prepare to welcome back diving in the new normal.


Face Mask

Wearing a face mask on board is mandatory. A face mask may be cloth, a neck gaiter, surgical, a KN95, or a N95 paper mask. Please bring your own face mask. If you don’t have a face mask when boarding, a face mask will be provided for you and added to your diving bill. (aprox cost $10 usd)


Scuba gear

It is important that we minimize physical contact whenever possible. As much as we want to help you set up your gear or help you clean your mask, these are things that we just cannot do for the moment. This is for your safety as well as ours.

  • Regulator (Second Stage): Assembly and disassembly of the regulator should be done by each diver individually.
  • Tank valves: Please do not touch the tank valve opening, when assembling and disassembling your first stage.
  • Handling and Storage: Until further notice, we will not be storing or handling scuba gear. There are three (3) pieces of gear that we are asking you to be responsible for bringing to and from the boat each day.




When carrying your regulator and mask to and from the boat, please use a bag that will allow you to carry these items to prevent them from touching any other surfaces.

We also recommend you think about how to protect your mask, second stage, and alternate air source (e.g. mask box, Tupperware box, pouch). In this way you can protect them from touching any other surfaces or divers between dives.

  • Defogging your mask: We are asking all divers to refrain from spitting into their masks to defog them for the time being. Please come with the defogging product of your choice and a back up in case you lose it. We recommend bringing a toothbrush as well to help scrub your mask between dives.


Social Distancing

Please keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters

(5 ft ) between one another when possible. Please keep this in mind when getting on or off of the boat and during surface intervals in-between dives.

Please no touching other people’s dive gear: BCD, regulator, mask, snorkel, and scuba tank.



Please sanitize your hands before boarding, after boarding, and anytime you get on or off the boat.

It is recommended that when using hand sanitizer that it is 70% alcohol.


Jackets/Dive Parkas

For the time being we are not able to provide jackets or parkas during our dive trips. If you get cold easily, we recommend bringing your own.



For the time being we are not able to provide towels during our dive trips. We recommend bringing a microfiber towel. They dry quickly and roll up and store easily while taking up minimum space in your bag.



Fruit that has a peel like Oranges or Bananas as well as individually wrapped items like cookies or potato chips are what we will be able to offer.

All fruit and snacks will have been sanitized prior to being offered, and we ask that you sanitize your hands before taking a fruit or snack.


Water bottles

We have made the transition from using single use bottles of water to providing each diver with their very own water bottle. Divers will be expected to take their water bottle with them each day after diving and bring it back with them each morning.


Personal Items

Plan on bringing either a dry bag or a small backpack to store your personal items such as sunglasses, cellular phone, and/or any other personal items. Bring only what you need.


Given the dynamic nature of the COVID situation and the rules around it, information could change at any time. We will do our best to keep you updated with any changes that occur. Please be sure to check with us prior to coming to Cozumel.

If you have any question’s please write me, and I will do my best to write you back ASAP.