We’re proud of the service and experience we provide to our divers. In addition to the comments submitted to our Guest Book, we recently searched the most popular online SCUBA communities, and here are some of the comments we found posted about Living Underwater.

What Undercurrent subscribers are saying about Living Underwater in Reader Reports

“Jeremy always would find the best dive sites away from crowds, was not afraid to take you on more advanced dives if you could show good skills. …Entire group commented that Jeremy made diving Cozumel extraordinary, would come back to dive with him anytime. Best dive operator I have ever been with” Paulino Gonzalez, FL

“Jeremy knows his sites extremely well and can find all manner of creatures. I like to go away from a dive trip a better diver and Jeremy is very helpful in that regard. Our last trip out with him, he sat and went over a number of areas I could improve and also suggested simple changes to my gear to increase my safety and a change of fins to improve my current-swimming (these were tried on a subsequent trip to Indonesia and were a substantial improvement).” John A. Artim, CA

“Pleasantly surprised by valet diving service provided by Jeremy and his crew. Very professional and hospitality excellent. Started with a fantastic night dive and Jeremy pointed out all sorts of creatures: octopus, spotted toad fish, seahorses, large ocean crabs, dancing lobster, etc… Every day, went to a new dive site of our choice and always dropped off on the mark. Jeremy had everyone meet on bottom for a little “chill” time and off to view the amazing underwater world. Jeremy, a “zen master” of calm, always providing us with lengthy dives and interesting views of many small creatures never noticed by us on previous dives. Devil’s Throat a must! His new steel 120’s provide for lengthy dives 75-90 minutes! Jeremy has won another convert and we will soon be back for his excellent service and expertise. We especially enjoyed Jeremy’s view of his underwater world.” Benjamin Schaffer, FL

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What Scubaboard.com members are saying about Living Underwater

“As always, everything went without a hitch. Jeremy came by the hotel to pick up our gear the day we arrived. Everything was set up and waiting for us on the boat the next morning. Dives are selected onboard each day by request of the divers. Surface intervals are at a beach club. Drinks, fruit and cookies are offered between dives. Nice big towels and, if needed, fleece lined windbreakers are also onboard. If you are diving multiple days, Jeremy will take care of your gear (including wetsuits). Everything is rinsed and dried and waiting for you on the boat the next day.”

“Jeremy has a special knack for finding the smallest things like pipefish, juvenile shrimp, painted elysia, etc. If you think there is nothing new to see, or are into macro photography then he is the DM you want!” Scubaboard.com member, scubawife

“I definitely enjoyed diving with Jeremy, his attentive crew, dry towels, fruits and snacks, handling your gear for you at night, and a very personal, non-cattle boat experience.” Scubaboard.com member, Yak

“The short version is Living Underwater took GREAT care of us and I would go back to them in an instant. Jeremy would be a great instructor for any certs you might need. I hope he does well in the future, a first class person for sure.” Scubaboard.com member, Swarth

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