Cozumel Dive Sites

Cozumel Reefs

Beginner Reefs


Depth: 20-35 ft
Current: mild
Level: beginner

Cardona is a low profile, broad, flat reefs full of holes and crevasses where a variety of creatures hide. It is possible to spot sleeping nurse sharks by looking through holes from the top of the reef or underneath an overhanging ledge.


Depth: 40-50 ft
Current: light to moderate
Level: beginner

This is a shallow reef that normally has less current then the other dive sites in Cozumel. This is a great reef to poke your nose around to see what you can find. The Animals that you normally see here are lobsters, crabs, splendid toadfish, spotted moray eels, and the occasional spotted drum. This reef is also great for night dives.

Chankanaab Bolones

Depth: 55-70 ft
Current: light to moderate
Level: beginner

This is a deeper area of Chankanaab. The coral heads on Bolones are larger then at Chankanaab, but are separated from one another. Here you will see the occasional lobster out of its hole walking around, as well as crabs outside of the coral heads. Also if you get lucky, you will have the opportunity to wave to the Atlantis Submarine that takes tourists on a tour through this area.


Depth: 80-120 ft
Current: moderate to strong
Level: beginner

Columbia offers dramatic coral formations and exciting swim throughs exiting onto a picturesque wall. Along with beautiful coral and sponges you’ll see large grouper, barracuda, friendly grey and french angelfish, hogfish, filefish and turtles! In the winter months you might spot eagle rays and in the summer the occasional black tip reef shark.

Columbia Shallows

Depth: 10-30 ft
Current: light
Level: beginner

A favorite of photographers, Columbia Shallows is a field of dense coral heads filled with color and marine life. The variety is endless.

Las Palmas

Depth: 50-130 ft
Current: moderate to strong
Level: beginner

The Las Palmas site is often dived in the 50-70ft range among the scattered coral heads where you’ll find lobster, snapper, splendid toadfish and squirrelfish. Las Palmas also has a sloping drop-off from 70 to about 100ft. Pairs of large queen angelfish and eagle rays frequent the ridge.

Paradise Reef

Depth: 40 ft
Current: light to moderate
Level: beginner

Paradise is a low profile strip reef with small, scattered coral heads. This reef is full of cracks, crevices and overhangs teaming with residents. This is one of the best sites to see Cozumel’s famous Splendid Toadfish. This is a great second dive and a real treat for a night dive. When the sun goes down the toadfish start croaking, the lobster, crab, eels and octopus come out.

Santa Rosa Shallows

Depth: 35-65 ft
Current: moderate
Level: beginner

You will likely spend time here at the end of your dive on Santa Rosa wall, but it can also be a very pleasant and easy second dive. The reef is made up of a ridge, scattered coral heads and sand flats. Look for flounder, rays, and lots of assorted small tropical fish. Barracuda are commonly seen hovering high above the reef.